Smart Tank

Smart Tank

Great Lakes Petroleum offers a true wireless fuel monitoring system… the SMART-TANK! Our monitoring system accurately measures the fuel in your tank, day and night-24/7!

No more unnecessary deliveries and you will never run out of fuel!

The beauty of SMART-TANK is NO SET-UP COST, NO POWER to run and NO PHONE LINES just complete uninterrupted service.

Less Worry

Smart Tank monitors provide cost effective accurate measurement that can be checked online, day or night which means your tank will never run out of fuel and that means; less worry and more peace of mind.

Smart Tank

Less Restrictions

Smart Tank monitors screw into any 2 inch bung on any above ground storage tank. They require NO power, NO phone lines, so there are NO installation costs.

Less Paperwork

Smart Tank’s revolutionary monitoring system lowers the number of deliveries without letting you run out of fuel. Fewer deliveries means fewer invoices which makes your company more efficient.

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Smart Tank... Smart Fueling Solutions!