On-Site Fueling at Your Location

24 hours a day
7 days a week

  • Great Lakes PetroleumConsistent, high quality service with experienced professionals Local, regional and national fleet fueling coverage

  • Great Lakes PetroleumState-of-the-art computer-controlled delivery system provides reporting through a weights and measures approved metering system

  • Great Lakes PetroleumReporting options include detailed information regarding delivery – time taken to fuel each unit, number of gallons dispensed to each unit, total number of gallons delivered and more.

  • Great Lakes PetroleumOnboard computer delivery system provides these advantages:
    • No risk of product cross-contamination
    • Smart Tank
    • No fuel spills or accidents
    • No theft
    • No driver miscalculations
    • No billing errors

  • Great Lakes PetroleumElectronic access to fueling transactions the next day

  • Great Lakes PetroleumDrivers who are professionally trained and licensed to meet all state and federal regulations

  • Great Lakes PetroleumReduced risk, cost & liability associated with fueling your fleet

  • Great Lakes PetroleumNo capital cost for inventory

  • Great Lakes PetroleumIncreased fleet productivity

Great Lakes Petroleum On-site Fueling provides you a value-added solution that can lower the cost of operating your fleet while increasing your bottom line. On-site Fueling services can reduce overall costs by eliminating the losses in production and wages that are incurred by having your own personnel fuel your vehicles.

Great Lakes Petroleum will fuel your fleet during off-use hours to ensure that when your drivers report to work; their vehicles are prepared to start the day – fully fueled and ready to be productive right away.

ON-SITE FUELING SERVICE is for SELECT MARKETS ONLY. We provide service in these states:

Great Lakes Petroleum Product Terminals

  • Great Lakes PetroleumCharlotte
  • Great Lakes PetroleumSelma
  • Great Lakes PetroleumDoraville
  • Great Lakes PetroleumRichmond
  • Great Lakes PetroleumRoanoke
  • Great Lakes PetroleumGreensboro
  • Great Lakes PetroleumSpartanburg
  • Great Lakes PetroleumNorth Augusta
  • Great Lakes PetroleumBirmingham
  • Great Lakes PetroleumKnoxville

On-Site Fueling Sales
Mike Helms
Ph: (704) 591-3274