Safety & Compliance

Experience Counts. Here at Great Lakes Petroleum, we are committed to being proactive, ensuring safe and environmentally friendly fuel delivery and storage. Our experienced full time, in-house compliance and safety team takes pride in practicing preventative measures providing comprehensive compliance for your projects.

Equipment Compliance

  • We ensure your tank is fitted with proper equipment meeting your specific regulatory requirements
  • Great Lakes takes pride in maintaining and testing our equipment

Fleet Safety

  • Great Lakes takes proactive measures to ensure our customers and employees are
    protected and OSHA compliant.
  • We follow Best Management Practices to reduce risk of spills and accidents to protect
    your company.
  • Great Lakes takes pride in preserving the Federal Moter Carrier Safety Administration's top
    safety performance level.
  • Safety first is a priority with all our drivers. Our drivers participate in comprensive, ongoing
    driver safety and transportation training.

Fire Safety and Hazardous Materials Compliance

  • Our experienced in-house specialists understand fire safety codes
  • We help ensure your project meets fire safety requirements by working with local and
    state authorities

Environmental Compliance

Smart Tank
  • Great Lakes helps to ensure your projects meet local, state and federal laws regulating fuel storage
  • We coordinate securing required permits and registrations for your project
  • Great Lakes can develop Spill Prevention Plans (SPCC) for your site or project
  • We can also provide site planning to determine best placement for your fuel storage tank

Emergency Response

Great Lakes Petroleum is proactive in spill prevention with a zero spill tolerance policy. However,
in the event there is a spill, we are prepared.

We partner with companies that specialize in safe spill containment and clean-up:

  • Hazmat
  • Chemtrec
  • Cert
  • Stat

Charles Holsopple
Environmental Field Engineer

Andy Straley
Safety/DOT Manager

Driver Safety Award

Safety is a priority at Great Lakes Petroleum and we are proud to receive the Energi Excellence in Risk Management Award in 2012 and 2013. This distinction is given to select energy companies who dedicated their efforts toward outstanding Risk Management and Safety Practices.

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Compliance PDF